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WHEREAS Dust Capital Pty Ltd is the registered owner of and is developing immovable property being, Erf 16191 Cape Town, more commonly known as 17 Shelley Road, Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa, into a mixed-use Sectional Title Scheme.

AND WHEREAS “the Applicant”, whose particulars appear herein, wishes to reserve the right to purchase the Unit referred to herein (“the Unit”) to be created in the Scheme at the specified purchase price including VAT.


1.   The Developer’s Agent shall as soon as possible hand an Agreement of Sale for signature by the Applicant as Purchaser, or by the Applicant’s nominee, to purchase the Unit on the Developer’s standard terms and conditions.

2.   The Applicant will have 5 (five) business days from the date of receiving the Agreement of Sale to return the signed Agreement of Sale to the Developer’s Agent and in this period the Developer shall not sell the Unit to a third party.

3.   As an agreed booking fee for the right created herein, the Applicant agrees to simultaneously herewith pay a fee to reserve an apartment to Evolution Property Group Pty Ltd which monies will be held by EVO PROPERTY to be utilised as a non-refundable booking fee. The booking fees will be calculated as follows:

3.1. Apartment booking fee: R5 000.00 (Five Thousand Rand)

3.2. Parking booking fee: R1 000.00 (One Thousand Rand)

3.3. Storage booking fee: R500.00 (Five Hundred Rand)

3.4. Furniture Pack fee: R500.00 (Five Hundred Rand)

Such payment shall be made to EVO PROPERTY through Payfast.

4.   In the event that the Applicant successfully performs on the conditions of the sale agreement, meeting the deposit requirement, bond approval and/or provides the relevant guarantees, the Applicant will receive a refund minus the relevant transaction fees within 7 working days of meeting their obligations and sending on their bank confirmation to the sales team. In the event that the Applicant fails to sign an Agreement of Sale and return the same to the EVO PROPERTY timeously, and or does not perform on their obligations of the sale agreement, the reservation shall lapse and the booking fee shall be kept by EVO PROPERTY and shall be entitled to sell the Unit to a third party. The only provision in terms of an acceptable refund is if the client is unable to qualify for a mortgage bond within 30 days of acceptance of the sale agreement.

5.   The standard terms and conditions as contained in the Agreement of Sale for this Development require that on acceptance of the offer to purchase, a deposit calculated as 10% (ten percent) of the purchase price shall be payable to the Strauss Daly Attorneys Cape Town.

6. The applicant agrees to be contacted by any representative of Betterbond bond originators and provide the relevant supporting documentation and information in order to commence the bond application process.

7.   Applicants Details:

The applicants/purchaser’s information is included and confirmed in the above form.